Confidence Camp

What's it all about?

Two days – 3 hours each day


The building Self Confidence workshop is all about helping your child build soaring self-confidence and self-esteem inside and out, so they feel great about themselves no matter who they are with or what is going on in their life.


The program has 2 sessions where your child will learn 5 powerful lessons for developing powerful self-esteem and confidence.  At the end of the second day, we have a bonus session where we’ll put everything together so your child can use those skills in everyday life.


The first session we will use the story POWER GOGGLES, your child will learn that their thoughts create their experiences in life and they have the chance to choose their experiences in life, including their thoughts about themselves.  We call this POWER SHIFTING and it’s a very powerful tool that your child can use in all elements of their life.  They will learn when to identify when negative thoughts are starting to take over and they’ll learn 3 questions that they can use to shift their thoughts to supportive thoughts.  They’ll also have a chance to build their own power googles and practice using the 3 questions.

Next we’ll introduce the concept of self-esteem, grownups often use the phrase self-esteem but sometimes kids don’t understand what that means, so kids will learn that self-esteem isn’t based on what you do or who you’re with, self-esteem is based on who you are; and we’ll explore the story, Yucky me, Yahoo me and we’ll practice looking at various situations and exploring the difference between how someone would experience a situation from the perspective or low self-esteem versus how he or she might respond from the perspective of high self-esteem.

Going through these specific examples will really help, your child experience what self-esteem looks like, sounds like, and feels like so that he can recognize positive self-esteem in himself.  Then we’ll talk about the self-esteem crusher, and that’s comparison. Nothing crushes self-esteem faster than comparison that is, comparing themselves to others.


We’ll look at the danger of comparisons and your child will learn the importance of diversity and how to honor his uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.  We will use the story The Sun, The Wind and The Rain as a basis for this conversation, your child will work through a couple of fun and insightful exercises to help them explore their uniqueness.


Positive self-talk, we’ll use the story choosing your BFF, to help them deeply understand the impact of their self-talk.  And we’ll step through some powerful exercises so they can step through actively developing positive self-talk right away and they will learn the brain science behind it. 


Your child will have an opportunity to decorate his own self–talk mirror, and develop several mantras that they can practice each time they see their own reflection. 


We will also create a beautiful self-portrait canvas with inspiring positive words, starting with “I AM” Statements.

“I AM” Portraits

At the end of day two, we’ll pull this all together and your child will graduate honoring their uniqueness and understand how important it is to honor other people’s uniqueness as well.  They will know how to look out for the GRUNGIES (negative self-talk) a sign that negative self-talk might be present and they’ll know how to shift their thinking (POWER SHIFTING) to thoughts that support them and feeling good about themselves. 

Your child will have a new personal practice that will help them practically develop positive self-talk and soaring self-confidence in their lives.

Materials included in this package.

  • Four coaching lessons in two days.

  • One Bonus coaching lesson (end of day two)

  • Take home folder

  • Worksheets for kids

  • Take Home Sheets (for parents)

  • I AM – Canvas (self-portrait)

  • Power Goggles

  • Mirror and Mirror Mantras

The Details

DATE:                 AUGUST 6th/7th 2018


LOCATION:      Firstenburg Community Center

                              700 NE 136th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684


TIME:                  9:30 am - 12:30 pm

COST:                 $95 per child, $10 discount for sibling

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This webinar on self-image was taken from my coaching program Thinking into Results and is just a snippet of the material covered in the program.

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