Unless you've been living under a rock for a few years, you've probably already heard of Conor McGregor. 

Conor McGregor became the biggest star in the sport of mixed martial arts while claiming the Ultimate Fighting Championship's featherweight and lightweight titles.

And we have two things in common! We both come from North Dublin in Ireland and we both believe in the Law of Attraction. Watch this amazing video about his belief.

Is the Law working for you?


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If you're hugely curious about the Law of Attraction, see more information below on Bob's webinar on the subject.

Make your income match your dreams and break away from your habitual way of living with The New Lead the Field Coaching program! Over the course of just 4 months (120 days) you will begin to earn more money, enjoy more freedom and experience deeper more meaningful relationships.

In this New Lead the Field Coaching Program, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will assist you in expanding your level of awareness by sharing the ancient truths and laws that Earl Nightingale so brilliantly buried in this award-winning personal development series of recordings.

They explain how and why universal laws govern your life. Your success is going to accelerate as you expose yourself to these 12 mind-expanding, life-enhancing, explosive and relevant segments.

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