"You'll never out perform your self image"

We use our mind to create an image of ourselves and the image we hold creates our results.  That image was created through events and experiences and is built upon our belief system.  Some of our beliefs, when self-limiting, are kind of like blinkers, because they limit our field of view or our perception, changing what we believe about our world. If you feel that you are unworthy of success because that's how you perceive yourself, then you will never be successful.

You can NEVER out perform your self-image.  If the image you hold of yourself is that of an overweight person, then no matter how hard you try to change your behavior to release weight. Your self-image will do it's very best to find that lost weight and bring you back to that overweight image that you hold of yourself.  Any change in behavior is temporary; in order to achieve permanent change, you need to change that image in your subconscious mind.  This can be said for any area of our lives, career, relationships, health, everything!

That's where I come in!, I offer this free self-image masterclass to businesses and individuals in a group setting. The class takes about one hour and everyone receives a workbook with exercises to take practical steps to change their self-image PERMANENTLY. This symbiotic event is a great way for businesses to network with each other whilst helping clients and staff alike.

For most of my adult life, I had a horrific self-image with, ..... you guessed it! horrific results.  When I started studying and applying this material, my life did a 180.  I started to like myself and understand that I could achieve anything.  My monthly income became my weekly income, my relationships changed, my health improved and I reached a healthy weight without dieting, I was starting to think consciously and engaging my mind resulting in me finding multiples sources of income. I was 'thinking' for the first time in my life.

Imagine if ....
  • Woke up everyday excited about what you were doing.


  • Started each day free from all financial concerns.


  • Spent your time with positive. productive and creative people.


  • Walked into a room full of strangers and instantly turned them into friends.


  • Really believed how incredible you are, rather than being your own worst critic.


  • Saw mistakes as valuable lessons instead of failures.


  • Were living your most authentic. happy and joy filled life.

   Really feel what that would be like and think.   

 what do you really want?

 Winner's self-image Master-Class

The Winner's Image is based on one of the most important concepts a person will ever learn when it comes to personal development - self-image. Self-image deals with everything from our weight to our fulfillment to our annual income to our personal relationships. Until you understand this,you are dealing with an unseen enemy.

You'll try to change something in your life and that change just won't "take" .. because you're not trying to change the cause of the problem.

Attempting to change your results while ignoring the healthiness of your inner image is comparable to a person painting the outside of his house and wondering why the kitchen doesn't look different!

The Winner's Image is a strong action oriented program with powerful emphasis on accountability. Without THIS change very little willever change in your life!

This lesson teaches us that we're subconsciously programmed to immediately look for something wrong with ourselves or outside of ourselves when we lose.

Our self-image can be likened to a thermostat or autopilot on a plane - even if it operates automatically or unconsciously in just one area of your life, its power will affect all facets of your life.

What to expect - video preview

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Date:            August 16th 2018
Time:             6:00PM
Admission :  FREE
Firstenburg Center
700 NE 136th Ave,
Vancouver, WA 98684

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This class on self-image was taken from my coaching program Thinking into Results and is just a snippet of the material covered in the program.

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