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How I Changed My Mindset and Built a Thriving Business


Hi! I am Maria Sheehan. In my former life as a photographer, I spent years struggling to find my ideal client. I couldn’t get found and never felt good enough about my services to charge what I was worth. I bounced from marketing classes to one-on-one mentoring trying to find the confidence to build my business. Nothing worked for me.


It then occurred to me that maybe it was ME that needed the work, not my business.


Enter Bob Proctor. His focus on personal growth and a new mindset changed me. My self-image changed. My profits went up. My monthly income became my weekly income. My ideal client was seeking me out. My photography business won Best of Clark County. I was living with purpose.


I was so changed by the Proctor Gallagher Institute that I decided to switch my focus from photography to Personal Development. My step-daughter took over my photography business, and I committed full-time to help creatives reach their potential.


Now I help creative business owners get in touch with their passion and purpose to develop strong self-worth and confidence.


  • Are you ready to push past procrastination and limiting beliefs?

  • Are you ready to rewire bad habits, remove the blocks to receiving abundance, and overcome fear?   

  • Are you ready to develop a success mindset?


 I’ll meet you for a free 30-minute no obligation consultation to discuss your needs and show you

how it’s all possible.


Introducing Coaching Club

Are you ready to do this? Here's how I can help you with coaching.

What if I told you, there is no such thing as a creative struggle, and it is all in your head! And when I say it’s in your head, I’m not implying you’re crazy; I’m saying, it’s all about HOW YOU THINK.


Moreover, what if I told you, there is no such thing as competition; instead, you can choose to create your economy. What do you have to say to that? Oooh, I can feel your resistance to that, stay with me here. 


Being a creative takes courage; we have to put ourselves out there in ways others don't. I get it; I get YOU!  I wasted too much time as a photographer, checking out the competition and comparing myself to them when  I should have been focusing on my goals, or better yet, comparing myself to the photographer I USED to be and celebrating my growth.

Too often, we worry too much about what others think, without thinking ourselves.  I remember raising my prices several years ago, only to change them when I noticed that the Photographer down the street was charging $50 for a two-hour photo-shoot, 1,000 digital files, 20 prints, and a kidney! Seriously? Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, (I'm Irish, we do that), but you know where I'm going.


Enough! I can show you how to win at the creative life,  charge what you are worth and start making money!


Decide to set yourself free to finally live the life you want, one creative step at a time.


Are you ready? Schedule your free 30-minute no obligation consultation to discuss your needs and show you how it’s all possible.


I can help you create a new mindset, that creates a new economy, a new life, a new career and a new you!  I have the tools to help you make a shift, so check out my awesome coaching program. 




"Maria is a fantastic facilitator for the Proctor-Gallagher Institute Thinking Into Results program. She is also a keen partner in performance development needs of individuals and organizations to achieve amazing, transformational changes and results. "




"Maria is a delight to work with and you know her passion to help others and help them achieve..."


Maria has the knowledge and know-how to make you and your business a resounding success.

maria@awakensuccesscoaching.com | 360.607.1424 | Vancouver Washington

© 2017 Maria Sheehan

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